The Foreskin is not a Vital Organ!

Intactivists will often use inflammatory, emotional, hyperbolic language to try to create controversy where there often isn't regarding circumcision. They want to intentionally change medical terminology to their own incorrect words to twist reality to fit their own. Circumcision is a medical procedure that removes the foreskin from the penis. It's not amputation, it's not mutilation and it's certainly not organ theft. The foreskin is not an organ. I repeat.. The foreskin is not an organ. The penis is an organ. The heart is an organ. The entire integumentary system is an organ, but not just the skin comprising the foreskin. If that were true..then every separate piece of skin would all be or

Myths and Clarifications

Some myths and clarifications about our protest last Saturday... THE COUNTER-PROTESTERS ARE ALL AAP DOCTORS OR STAFF. Our group includes doctors, nurses, parents, happily circumcised men, partners, and other concerned citizens. SOMEONE, PERHAPS THE AAP, HIRED THEM. No one paid us. Each of us volunteered her own time to travel to San Francisco and stand up for the AAP members. We didn't coordinate with the American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact the AAP had no knowledge of our plans. A PHYSICIAN DONOR PAID FOR THE SHIRTS AND SIGNS. Each team member paid for her own T-shirt. Our group (including members who were unable to attend) combined our resources to pay the cost of the signs, which

Circumcision Informed Consent

We were pretty excited this week to kick off our first counter-protest against intactivism, launch our Circumcision Choice website, and open up our Circumcision Choice Facebook Page for discussion. We want to let American parents and healthcare providers know that they should not be bullied or harassed over their choices regarding routine infant circumcision. We are not pro-circumcision. We are proudly pro-parents' choice, anti-bullying, anti-misinformation, and pro-healthcare! As expected, the intactivists were pretty riled up about our first counter-protest on the opposite street corner in San Francisco. Check out our Facebook Page for photos. We were welcomed by the pediatrician conferenc

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