This page achieves results! On September 17 in Chicago we revealed our sign that shows the vicious nature of intactivist photographer James Loewen. On Thursday Mr. Loewen posted a photo of our sign and denied that he was responsible for the malicious quote, accusing us of dishonest tactics. On Saturday we posted photographic proof that the quote was genuine. Less than 24 hours later the subject of our Irate Man series admitted that he was the author. Yet even in admitting that our sign is true, Mr. Loewen deceived his readers. First he made no mention that Circumcision Choice was the impetus that forced his admission. Second, he gave the old “I was taken out of context” excuse. And third, he


If you’ve been following Circumcision Choice this year, you’ll recall our Smile for the Irate Man behind the Camera series. We reported on James Loewen, the intactivist photographer who is enraged at his own infant circumcision. Mr. Loewen takes out his anger against those who perform circumcision or who support a parent’s right to choose circumcision. To give you an idea of the depths of his depravity, Mr. Loewen calls people who perform circumcision “sexual sadists” who make his “blood boil” and should be "locked up." He also has shown a misogynist tendency, having justified calling a woman who prefers circumcised men a "cunt," and having once encouraged a man to flash his genitals at fema

Circumcision Choice Chicago AAP 2017 Counter-protest against Intactivism

As we advertised, Circumcision Choice attended the 2017 AAP conference in Chicago, Illinois. We went to advocate for both parents and doctors who intactivists have bullied and intimidated both online and in person. Before we go into our experience, let's talk a little bit about our position that is often misunderstood. We are not pro circumcision We do not support FGM, MGM, or intersex mutilation We support a parent's right to either decline or choose to have their male neonates circumcised, because unlike mutilation, neonatal male circumcision does not cause harm So with this in mind, we went to the 2017 AAP convention to protect parental choice, and to protect pediatricians from the wrath

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