The 2017 Chicago AAP Counter-protest: Myths and Facts

We read some bizarre comments on the YouTube video of the IntactoRage meltdown that occurred outside the AAP Conference in Chicago last month. We'll take this opportunity to correct some of their misunderstandings about us. THE COUNTER PROTESTERS DO NOT HAVE AN ARGUMENT FOR CIRCUMCISION. Our response: That’s correct. Since intactivists have ignored our statement following the 2016 San Francisco counter-protest, we’ll say it again. And we’ll repeat it until they understand. The reason we don’t have arguments in support of circumcision is that we aren't pro circumcision. We are Pro Parents Choice. Although we don't promote circumcision, we defend parents who choose it, doctors who perform it,

Another Blood Stained Man accuses Circumcision Choice of putting words in his mouth

Two weeks ago James Loewen of the Blood Stained Men leadership team denied writing that he would like to see a film that portrays circumcision specialists being brutally tortured and killed. Mr. Loewen's followers expressed disbelief that he would have expressed such a malicious thought. The sentiment that "none of that sounds like the style of anything James has ever said or written" was universally shared. On Monday Kenneth Hopkins - the leader of the Blood Stained Men who calls himself "Brother K" - also accused us of putting words in his mouth. Our "Intactivists are bullies" file shows that Hopkins once asked a mother to send him a photo of her son's penis - on the pretext that he would

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