Response to Michael Dulin

Michael, I offer you my appreciation: first for sharing a link to our post, and second for avoiding personal attacks in your response.

Kellogg's Crusade

“Within every elaborate lie, a kernel of truth.” – Marisha Pessl Circumcision opponents have created the impression that foreskin removal became popular in America because a 19th century physician recommended it as a cure for masturbation. Comedian and television host Adam Conover explained: Though religious circumcision has been practiced in the Middle East for millennia, it wasn’t popular in the U.S. until the puritanical 19th century, when, among other things, sex-phobic doctors promoted it as a way to stop your kids from committing their favorite sin... One prominent advocate of [circumcision] was (and they’re not making this up) John Harvey Kellogg. Victorian prudes like Kellogg just st

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