From the Physicians' Lounge #3

I have been absent from this blog for a while as my colleagues here at Circumcision Choice have continued to generate a lot of thought provoking content for our website and for Facebook discussions. In my prior two "From the Physicians' Lounge" posts, I have made a couple points from a physician's perspective. The first was to dispel the notion that circumcised men are flocking to urologists demanding some type of intervention, and the second post was to emphasize the need for analgesia in newborn circumcision. I think it is important to push back against the anti-circumcision talking points that can confuse and mislead parents when trying to decide if circumcision is the right thing for the

When Twitter Conversations Go Bad

Long Twitter debates with #Intactivists Give Us A Headache! Plus they usually result in being blocked. Takeaways: 1) #circumcision is reasonable preventive health, not mandatory 2) neonatal circs are generally safe & better tolerated 3) activists are not good sources of truth If we had not been blocked we'd have said: there is no data suggesting there is an epidemic of crippled men as a result of neonatal #circumcision and no evidence this is a major problem in urologic medical practices.

Sex as the researcher intended it

A refutation of the "Sex As Nature Intended It" survey "It became apparent to me that if we had any hope of getting this topic out in the open, the only hope we had was in making this a women's issue." - Kristen O'Hara In 1999 Kristen O’Hara [1] revealed the preliminary results of a survey she had conducted to compare the effect of circumcision on a partner’s enjoyment of sexual intercourse. She breathlessly announced a startling result: 86% of the female participants preferred sex with an uncircumcised partner. O’Hara reported the results of her study in a January 1999 article for BJU International. [2] The article was eagerly embraced by circumcision opponents as proof that most women pref

Cruel intactivists taunt grieving families

Updated March 12, 2019 Just when we think that anti-circumcision fanatics can't go any lower, they continue to surprise us. Last week a parent whose one month-old son died in a bed sharing accident published a public post in order to bring awareness to this risk and prevent the same tragedy from happening to other babies. On Saturday a stranger sent her this heartless and malicious response. It was the latest of several messages the mother received taunting and blaming her for her son's death. No justification can rationalize this malicious attack. The circumcision had nothing to do with the mother accidentally falling asleep with her son. Intactivists are not "educating." The only purpose o

A rape survivor speaks

Kimberly wrote this comment last year on the page of a woman who referred to circumcision as "rape."

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