The Styrofoam Vagina

Updated December 16, 2019 How a bizarre study exposes the intellectual laziness of circumcision scholars “You have to know how to read a scientific paper—and actually bother to do it.” [1] In 2002 Donald Taves, a psychiatrist at the University of Washington, conducted an experiment to measure the effect of foreskin on the force necessary for vaginal penetration. He reported his experiment in a medical journal. [2] The study provides a shocking view into the state of scholarship and confirmation bias among academics, particularly those with an anti-circumcision agenda. Taves cut a quarter-size hole in the bottom of a Styrofoam cup to simulate a vaginal opening. He mounted the cup on a diet sc

The Pathological Liar - and the truth about the 2018 ACOG counter-protest

Kenneth Hopkins is a pathological liar. A pathological liar is someone who exhibits habitual lying, typically by telling stories that present himself as the hero or victim. The pathological liar fibs so often that it becomes second nature. The founder of the Blood Stained Men who calls himself “Brother K” has repeatedly lied about himself, about circumcision, and about other people - including me. For instance, we've documented how Hopkins has asked parents to post or send photos of their young sons’ genitals. Rather than take responsibility and explain himself, he denied making his perverted requests and accused us of photo-shopping his comments. In 2015 on a satellite radio talk how, Hopki

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