How should intactivists respond if one of their own bombs a hospital?

A young man named Gregory Malchuk has assumed an informal role as strategy advisor to the intactivist movement. He records his musings on videos that he posts on YouTube for his followers. He's offered several proposals, such as suggesting that intactivists hold protests at churches, high schools, and little league baseball games. Malchuk recently uploaded a video in which he admitted that anti-circumcision antics will likely elicit violence, even terrorist attacks. [1] You can view the 10-minute video here. Malchuk titled his video “Timothy McCircumcision: CircumTerrorism's Inevitability.” [2] The reference is to Timothy McVeigh, an anti-government terrorist who planned and executed the bom

The United States Constitution and Circumcision

Updated April 12, 2019 A few years ago Saving Our Sons published a July 4th article in which author Danelle Day declared that circumcision of minor boys is "certainly illegal in the United States of America." [1] To support this bold assertion, Day cited the Equal Protection Clause, the 1996 federal FGM law [see updates below], and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Let's take a look at these documents to see whether Day's legal analysis is correct. American Law The Equal Protection Clause is a section of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The clause guarantees all citizens equal protection under the law. [2] Many people believe that the Equal Protection Clause prohibits a

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