This meme proves that circumcision is safe

The death of any child is tragic. But this meme uses names and photos of children in an attempt to frighten parents. A reader might assume that death from circumcision is an occasional - or even common - occurrence, that all the boys on the list were American infants, and that each boy died from circumcision at a modern American medical facility. Nothing could be further from the truth. We searched online sources to uncover as much information as we could about each name on the list. It appears that much of the list was compiled from newspaper articles that may have been published before an autopsy or coroner investigation that could provide relevant facts. Several recent names may be based

Movie producer accuses comedian of mocking suicide victim

On August 2 Comedy Central aired a segment of the Jim Jefferies Show in which the comedian mocked the anti-circumcision movement. Jefferies traveled to Israel - "the circumcision capital of the world" - to interview a pro-circumcision Israeli rabbi and an anti-circumcision protester. The segment included photos and videos of dozens of intactivist protesters, including a brief clip of the late Jonathon Conte. While Jefferies made fun of intactivists for their obsession, none of the humor was mean spirited. Two days after the segment aired, Brendon Marotta, producer of the American Circumcision intactivist documentary, formulated a plan to retaliate against Jefferies. Marotta posted a comment

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