Intact America Part 7: Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Seeing Joe DiMaggio dining a few tables away, singer Paul Simon walked over and introduced himself. DiMaggio invited Simon to sit down, and the two immediately began to discuss the line in the song "Mrs. Robinson." The iconic baseball star was perplexed. "What I don't understand is why you ask where I've gone. I just did a Mr. Coffee commercial, I'm a spokesman for the Bowery Savings Bank and I haven't gone anywhere!" The singer explained the line wasn't intended literally. Rather, he saw Joltin' Joe as a genuine American hero, and "genuine heroes were in short supply." [1] Forty years later Intact America tried to cash in on DiMaggio's legacy. During the Hironimus hysteria, the organizati

Intact America Part 6: One boy vs five hundred thousand girls

"We don't really have to worry so much about [female genital mutilation] in the U.S. since there's a federal law and many state laws against it, and it's not something that we carry out every day on baby girls in hospitals." - Georganne Chapin [1] "Nationwide, 513,000 women and girls born into families who practice the tradition or who immigrated from those countries were at risk of female genital mutilation in 2012, more than double the number in 2000" - Centers for Disease Control [2] WHAT IS FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION Female genital mutilation (FGM) is the ritual cutting or removal of a portion or all of the external female genitalia. Women subjected to FGM suffer significant physical, ps

Intact America Part 5: A wild goose chase backfires

wild goose chase - an absurd or hopeless pursuit, as of something unobtainable Three years ago a circumcision dispute between unmarried Florida parents became an international story. When the mother, Heather Hironimus, refused to consent to a circumcision for their son Chase, the father, Dennis Nebus, sued her in court. A parenting agreement reached when the boy was a year old stipulated that Nebus would be responsible to schedule and pay for the boy's circumcision. Sometime afterward, Hironimus changed her mind, having been influenced by materials from Intact America and other anti-circumcision groups. [1] In May 2014 a judge ruled in favor of the father, and an appeals court affirmed

Intact America Part 4: We will cannibalize ourselves, rather than focus on the real enemy

Revised March 24, 2019 Outside the 2016 AAP Conference in San Francisco, our Circumcision Choice crew drew a variety of reactions from the intactivist side. Although many of them were confrontational, we found one older woman to be quite cordial. She took several photos and then politely asked us a few questions. We soon recognized her as none other than Georganne Chapin, the executive director of Intact America. A resident of New York state, Chapin has forged a career in health care management for more than 35 years. She cordially invited us to attend the Intact America press conference within the hour because – as she put it – “the media loves a controversy.” One might conclude from our br

Intact America Part 3: History - the pressure was both inappropriate and indefensible

When Dean Pisani and his wife were expecting a baby, the couple decided that if they had a boy, they wouldn't circumcise him. However at a doctor appointment, the ob-gyn pressured them to change their minds. And when they remained firm, she berated them. Then 18 months later, they had a similar negative experience with another doctor who was "offensive." [1] "The pressure from doctors was both inappropriate and indefensible," he said. [2] These experiences sparked Pisani, a Texas businessman, to provide financial assistance to NOCIRC. In 2008 he asked Marilyn Milos and Georganne Chapin to develop a plan to do more. After they presented the plan, he donated $1 million to create Intact Amer

Intact America Part 2: They're unreliable because they lie

Intact America brazenly lies and distorts circumcision studies and statements from medical authorities. Today we present four such examples. Intact America and its leaders falsely claim that circumcision causes more than 100 deaths in the U.S. each year that a study shows that circumcision contributes to erectile dysfunction that the AAP admits that circumcision complications were not systematically studied that a member of the AAP task force backtracked from the Policy Statement CIRCUMCISION DEATHS Intact America warns that more than 100 boys die from circumcision in the United States each year. This claim is based on a 2010 study by Intact America's strategy adviser Dan Bollinger. [1] Boll

Intact America: Introduction

"Sometimes it seems that the louder someone claims sainthood, the bigger the horns they are hiding." [1] An Allure magazine advice columnist recently explained that an uncircumcised penis is normal and natural, and a reader shouldn't shame her new partner over it. [2] One would think that circumcision opponents would love that message. But when linking to the article on its Facebook page, Intact America complained - ironically - that the article shames men, by using an image of a "circumcised banana" and by using the term "uncircumcised." Three years earlier Intact America posted a photo of an unwrapped sausage to represent a circumcised organ, calling it a "mutilated penis" that is "much w

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