The American Cancer Society and circumcision

One of the medical benefits of newborn circumcision is a lower lifetime risk of penile cancer. A secondary benefit is a lower risk of cervical cancer for female sexual partners. In an attempt to nullify these benefits, circumcision opponents have referred to the American Cancer Society, implying that the respected health organization has declared that the procedure has no protective benefits against cancer. Intactivists have cited a 1996 letter sent by two doctors to the American Academy of Pediatrics. [1] Intactivists quote the following statement from the letter: "As representatives of the American Cancer Society, we would like to discourage the American Academy of Pediatrics from promotin

"What are we missing?" - REFUTED

Intactivists introduced this image to claim that circumcised men are missing important parts of the penis. Guest contributor Melanie Schaab explains that the image is incorrect, as it contains several inaccuracies. The frenulum is not removed in circumcision according to both anti-circumcision and pro-circumcision researchers. So that's not correct. The ridged band, the very tip of the foreskin, is a hypothesis presented by anti-circumcision researchers. [1] One element of this alleged ridged band is a high density of fine touch nerves called Meissner's corpuscles. However research from China shows that the density of Meissner's corpuscles can be anywhere from highest in the tip to lowest in

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