States do not allow "just anyone" to perform a circumcision

Updated Updated December 16, 2019 Some circumcision opponents in the United States assert that there no laws prohibiting circumcision and that legally anyone can perform the procedure. They point out that Jewish religious circumcision specialists - known as a mohels or mohelim - are allowed to operate without a medical license. One intactivist claimed that it would be perfectly legal if a six year-old girl circumcised her baby brother. Last month Ron Low, owner of a foreskin restoration company, wrote that "California law explicitly allows amateur home circumcision, and bars cities or counties from outlawing it." [1] As we'll explain, Low is partly right and partly wrong. Amateur circumcisi

Intactivists slander Circumcision Choice, accuse us of harassment - UPDATE

Updated October 2, 2019 "There you go again." Ronald Reagan - to his opponent Jimmy Carter, 1980 presidential debate Intactivists have again falsely accused your Circumcision Choice team of malfeasance. They first defamed us following the 2016 counter-protest outside the AAP Conference in San Francisco, James Loewen, the subject of our Irate Man series, falsely accused us of doxxing him, of sharing his home address and phone number with the doctors and other passersby. He also claimed that we left early because the protesters had identified one of us, The claim that we were embarrassed to be identified is absurd, given that I had introduced myself by name to several intactivists, including G

Children at an anti-circumcision protest?

NO! An anti-circumcision protest is not appropriate for children. We've observed sporadic supervision of children by their protesting parents. At multiple venues an unsupervised toddler was close to falling down concrete steps or running into a crowded street. The weather may be a factor. We've seen children swelter in extreme heat, and we've seen children shiver for hours in freezing rain. An event with profane language, graphic images, fake bloody crotches, and heated confrontations is not an appropriate venue for young children. Rather than spend all day serving as billboards to please a parent, our children would be visiting a theme park, exploring a museum, or enjoying other kid-friendl

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