Blood Stained Men invade a medical office building, assault female doctor

Updated July 18, 2019 On Monday three intactivists targeted a pediatric medical office in Denver, Colorado. This video shot and edited by James Loewen shows three members of the Blood Stained Men – Loewen, Harry Guiremand, and Kenneth Hopkins (the leader who calls himself “Brother K”) – go into a building and attempt to enter a medical office unauthorized in order to harass the physician, staff, and patients. Hopkins and Loewen have perfected a deliberate manipulative technique to claim victimhood. They confront a target with aggressive language, invading personal space and positioning the camera in the target's face. They deliberately provoke a target to push the camera away from her face

Doctors Opposing Circumcision

Revised July 13, 2020 A group called Doctors Opposing Circumcision portrays itself as a medical organization. The website describes the organization as "an international network of physicians dedicated to protecting the genital integrity and eventual autonomy of all children, serving both health professionals and the public through education, support, and advocacy." In fact it's just a façade. You don’t need to be a physician in order to join; you don't even need a medical background. All you would need is to send money to the group’s president. Nearly half of the organization’s Board of Directors - 6 out of 14 - aren't even physicians. [1] About the President Founder and president George De

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