Did intactivists catch doctors with the smoking gun?

Medical professionals belong to the most highly respected professions in America, [1] Parents trust physicians to provide accurate, unbiased, sober, and scientifically valid information and advice. "Doctors are about as respected as any occupation can possibly be. If you consider monetary compensation an indicator of value, they're right at the top, and the talent and effort required to become a doctor is awe-inspiring. They're not only brilliant and accomplished, they're dedicated to keeping the rest of us alive." [2] With respected medical authorities promoting the benefits of circumcision, opponents of the procedure have a formidable challenge. In July we showed that they incite confusion

Filmmaker accuses opponents of lying - lies himself

Yesterday the producer of the anti-circumcision movie American Circumcision published a blog post titled, " The Three Layers of Circumcision Lies". To make his point, Brendon Marotta cited what he called a "common pro-circumcision argument": "Circumcision prevents HIV." That is a lie. Literally no medical organization or pro circumcision group claims that circumcision prevents the transmission of HIV. [1] Studies have shown that circumcision reduces the risk of HIV transmission. Consequently circumcision has been adopted as part of an overall program for HIV prevention. Brendon Marotta committed the straw man logical fallacy. He misrepresented an opponent's argument to make it easier to defe

A message to regret moms

To every self-described regret mom whose son had a routine circumcision with no major complications: You've done nothing wrong. You've committed no sin. Your son is fine. He wasn't harmed. He isn't physically, psychologically, or sexually damaged. If he endured some pain at the time, he's in no pain now. He won't grow up to hate you. Stop worrying that he will be sexually crippled - he won't. YOUR SON IS FINE. The only person suffering from your regret – is you. You don't deserve to suffer. It's okay to let it go. Stop feeling sorry - for your son or for yourself. Stop feeling guilty. These emotions are understandable if you've accepted the anti-circumcision propaganda. But they are unhealth

Intactivists don't do anything about FGM. Or do they?

This past weekend a follower and frequent visitor to the Circumcision Choice Facebook page objected to our accusation that intactivists don't do anything about female genital mutilation (FGM). While intactivists claim to care about FGM as much as circumcision, we have observed that they just hijack the FGM issue in an attempt get their circumcision obsession on an equal footing. The intactivist movement talks the talk, but they don't walk the walk. Having held more than 300 protests against circumcision, intactivists have never protested against FGM. They have no cards to hand out explaining how FGM is harmful or what people can do to help the campaign. They have no signs stating: "HER BODY,

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