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Circumcision Informed Consent

October 28, 2016

We were pretty excited this week to kick off our first counter-protest against intactivism, launch our Circumcision Choice website, and open up our Circumcision Choice Facebook Page for discussion. We want to let American parents and healthcare providers know that they should not be bullied or harassed over their choices regarding routine infant circumcision. We are not pro-circumcision. We are proudly pro-parents' choice, anti-bullying, anti-misinformation, and pro-healthcare!

As expected, the intactivists were pretty riled up about our first counter-protest on the opposite street corner in San Francisco. Check out our Facebook Page for photos. We were welcomed by the pediatrician conference attendees who shook our hands, asked for photographs, and suggested they would like us at all of their meetings! The stream of pediatricians mostly just ignored or looked stunned or sometimes angry passing by intactivists who did everything in their power to draw their attention. The intactivist ringleader (or cult-leader) was spitting mad when one of his number came over and socialized with our group. We do realize not all intactivists are buffoons. Some are all-right human beings but their cyber-bullying front-men don't fall in that category. Overall, if anyone gets the impression from intactivist leaders on social media that they do anything but annoy (or repulse) physicians at these AAP or ACOG meeting protests, then they are being misled.

Circumcision is alive and well in American hospitals and clinics. The AAP, the CDC, and the WHO all acknowledge the health benefits of circumcision. Detailed reviews of the medical literature on circumcision have led to the circumcision statement from the AAP where they state the benefits outweigh the small risks but not enough to recommend universal routine infant circumcision. That where PARENT CHOICE comes in... circumcision is an option, it has benefits, but it's not a necessity or a mandate. With informed consent obtained, circumcision is a reasonable preventative healthcare measure. We realize this decision should not be taken lightly! Parents should demand to have the details of the procedure explained, as well as the potential risks and benefits, before signing the line on the consent form. If you don't get good information from your pediatrician or OB, then ask for a second opinion. If you or your partner is more or less uncomfortable or uncertain about the procedure, it is a good idea to hold off until you are both on the same page. You can choose to keep your son uncircumcised or you can have it done when you feel certain about it. Either way, it's OK!

We are here to support your choice!

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