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If you’ve been following Circumcision Choice this year, you’ll recall our Smile for the Irate Man behind the Camera series. We reported on James Loewen, the intactivist photographer who is enraged at his own infant circumcision. Mr. Loewen takes out his anger against those who perform circumcision or who support a parent’s right to choose circumcision.

To give you an idea of the depths of his depravity, Mr. Loewen calls people who perform circumcision “sexual sadists” who make his “blood boil” and should be "locked up." He also has shown a misogynist tendency, having justified calling a woman who prefers circumcised men a "cunt," and having once encouraged a man to flash his genitals at female bar guests. [1]​​

We prepared several new signs for our counter-protest at the AAP Conference in Chicago. One of the signs has the title “Intactivists are vicious” with Mr. Loewen’s name and face and the following quote: "Wouldn’t it be fun to see a film where all the circumcisers get blasted to smithereens, sliced and diced and put through a wood chipper to the sound of 'So long, farewell' from The Sound of Music."

On Thursday, Mr. Loewen posted on his Facebook page a photo of our sign that exposes his vicious nature. Yet incredibly, he disavowed responsibility for his comment. He wrote: “The quote on this sign did not come from me. The ‘counter protesters’ resort to dishonst [sic] tactics.”

Your Circumcision Choice team has spent the past year earning the trust of our supporters and followers. You have faith that we will provide accurate analyses of circumcision-related studies and statistics. We also use sources that provide inside information on the intactivist movement. We won’t publish a statement of fact on our website or Facebook page without proof of its authenticity.

James Loewen is brazenly lying. The quote on our sign is from Mr. Loewen’s comment posted on June 25, 2014 in a closed intactivist group. We’ve included his malicious comment, supportive responses from other intactivists, and the disturbing meme that inspired him. [2]

James Loewen is not the first intactivist who has lied about his malevolent behavior. And he won’t be the last. The Circumcision Choice website will hold them accountable.

[1] Let no one doubt that if Mr. Loewen denies making any such statements, we're fully prepared to publish photographic proof.

[2] The image in the meme is apparently from a 1972 Japanese movie - "Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance."


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