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Foreskin Day

April 1, 2023

Ever seeking opportunities to publicize their cause, intactivists constantly create events to draw attention to themselves. They promote such activities as a biannual Genital Autonomy Symposium, a Worldwide Week of Genital Autonomy, a 50 States, 50 Protests Day, and protests at the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists conferences.

If that isn't enough, Intact America has been promoting April 4th as "Foreskin Day." Why that date? The numeric abbreviation for April 4th is 4/4, and intactivists are playing off the homonyms four and fore-. The purpose of the event is purportedly "to raise awareness and increase appreciation for this unique and valuable body part." In fact Intact America is using its event to sell merchandise and generate media attention. [1]

Intact America plans a livestream "festival" with videos and interviews to celebrate what executive director Georganne Chapin calls "the best sex toy bestowed on us all." [2][3] Chapin claims that it's the "first ever Foreskin Day celebration." [2] In fact other intactivists had already chosen the date about five years earlier. [4-6]

One might think that finally intactivists are taking AAP Task Force member Dr. Andrew Freedman's advice "that rather than directing an angry focus on the negative and the courts, your efforts would be better spent to educate and promote the prepuce positively, to win in the court of public opinion, and to change the culture, so as to make having a foreskin be the 'popular thing to do.'" [7][8] No doubt there is an element of positivity in this celebration. Nevertheless we remain skeptical that the event will be devoid of any negative messages about circumcision and the medical and religious professionals who perform it. In a few days we'll know one way or the other.

Readers might wonder about our reaction to Foreskin Day. We at Circumcision Choice are amused that intactivists feel a need to designate yet another day to commemorate their fetish. We have no such compulsion.

EVERY day is circumcision day!


[2] Georganne Chapin; "Intact America celebrates Foreskin Day on April 4"; Intact America YouTube channel; March 8, 2023

[3] Lesbians and others may have a different perspective on "the best sex toy."

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[7] Andrew L. Freedman M.D.; "The Circumcision Debate: Beyond Benefits and Risks"; Pediatrics; May 2016

[8] See also: "Intact America Part 2: They're unreliable because they lie"; Circumcision Choice; October 8, 2018


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