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Fake Reddit user defaming Circumcision Choice

Andrew Gross

Published September 15, 2022

Updated September 16, 2022

In January we reported about a fake Reddit community created to mimic the Circumcision Choice page on the Reddit social media platform. The person who created the fake subreddit is using my name, my Facebook profile photo, and the cover photo from the Circumcision Choice Facebook page - all in a malicious attempt to defame Circumcision Choice and me personally.

Neither I nor Circumcision Choice has any presence on Reddit.

Initially this Reddit troll was simply annoying: misspelling words and making it appear as if Circumcision Choice was pro circumcision. However in the past 24 hours he has become more combative. He has posted more than 40 comments, many aggressively attacking people who express a negative view about circumcision. It appears that some of his comments are on subreddits that contain pornographic material.

Since intactivists cannot defeat the facts about circumcision, they resort to these desperate and pathetic attempts to tarnish the respect and reputation that Circumcision Choice has earned over the past six years. I've reported this case of identity theft to the Reddit administrators. It remains to be seen if they will take any action against the impostor.

UPDATE: That was quick! It looks as if the fake Reddit account has been deleted, and the "Circumcision Choice" community has been made private.

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