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Our Top Facebook posts of 2017-2018

September 27, 2018 These are the most viewed posts on our Facebook page from the past 13 months. Four of the top five posts linked to a post on this blog, two of which described our personal involvement.

#5 Our August 16 post responded to Intact America's claim about the genital status of Elvis Presley. We noted that The King of Rock & Roll was ashamed to be uncircumcised, and his foreskin reportedly caused him great misery. Our post was shared in intactivist groups, and hordes of anti-circumcision fanatics angrily accused us of shaming a dead man.

#4 Many readers were fascinated by our account of the 2017 AAP Counter-Protest in Chicago. Despite having just four adults on our side, we faced off against 40 intactivists. In the most memorable moment an enraged young man started screaming at us, completely unprovoked. We didn't back down, but we sympathized with this man suffering from intactorage. Alas, he didn't respond well to our assurances that he wasn't mutilated.

#3 On August 22 we reviewed the circumstances behind each and every item in a list of boys that intactivists claim died from circumcision. One "dead boy" was still alive more than 50 years later, and another boy, actually a teenager, was killed in a fight. When intactivists tried to defend the meme, this post generated the most comments of any Circumcision Choice post in the past two years.

#2 The anti-circumcision movement claims that physician and cereal inventor John Kellogg was responsible for the rise in popularity of infant circumcision in the United States. Our December 4 post took a closer look at the man, his agenda and his motives. We explained that Kellogg would have vehemently opposed infant circumcision and his advice was not the reason for the increase in circumcision 40 years later. This post was shared more times than any other Circumcision Choice post.

#1 One of our signs at the 2017 AAP Conference Counter-Protest quoted James Loewen, a member of the BloodStained Men Board of Directors and the subject of our Irate Man series. Loewen expressed the desire to see a film in which circumcision practitioners are tortured and murdered. Subsequently Loewen posted a photo of our sign on his page, denying that the quote was his and accusing us of dishonesty. Our September 23, 2017 blog post reproduced a screen shot of the comment, proving that he had written the quote. One day later Loewen admitted that we were right. But attempting to save face and in typical intactivist dishonesty, he disingenuously accused us of taking the quote out of context.

Intactivists have said a lot about Circumcision Choice. They've dismissed us as insignificant and irrelevant while paradoxically, they've obsessed over us in their closed and secret groups. Yet in two years they have been unable to find a single post in which we made a statement that is factually false. Our fans, our adversaries, and the public can depend on Circumcision Choice to provide accurate, reliable, trustworthy information and analysis.


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