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Our Top Facebook posts of 2019

December 28, 2019

These were the most viewed posts on our Facebook page from the past 13 months (including December 2018).

#5 On August 4 we shared screenshots of a mohel's post about a Jewish ritual circumcision that went awry. The procedure, performed by an inexperienced mohel, resulted in severe bleeding. We cautioned that circumcision should only be performed for a healthy boy by a trained professional. (We would add - in a sterile setting using proper instruments.)

#4 Award-winning singer P!nk (née Alecia Moore) posted a family photo on Instagram without realizing that her 1-year-old son had removed his diaper, exposing his penis. Facing harsh criticism, the 39 year-old mother defended herself against a social media storm. On April 1 we expressed our support for the internationally acclaimed superstar and humanitarian.

#3 Many intactivists erroneously equate circumcision with mutilation. Two years ago we prepared a helpful chart explaining the differences between the medical procedure and the human rights violation. On February 20 we posted the chart for the third time.

#2 On July 14 we promoted our Mental Disorder article. We observed that many circumcision opponents react to the birth announcement of a baby boy with stress, anxiety, and trepidation. Much of the discussion focused on a gender reveal party photo that we used to illustrate the reactions of normal, mentally stable people.

#1 On December 19, 2018 we answered the 13th query in our Stupid Question series. We explained to a mother in British Columbia why doctors wouldn't have prescribed circumcision to treat her frequent urinary tract infections.


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