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our mission


Who We Are

We are a group of concerned citizens who have first hand experience dealing with the crazy online world of anti-circumcision activism. We are neither trying to promote circumcision nor discourage it, but we definitely want to promote good information for parents and other interested people with regards to routine infant circumcision.

We feel someone needs to stand up for informed consent and parental choice when it comes to circumcision. Someone also needs to stand up against the bullying and hate speech by anti-circumcision fanatics! Enough is enough!

Putting it in Perspective

The topic of circumcision online is generally dominated by the very active anti-circumcision attack machine ("intactivism"). You'll see innocent public posts by mothers or families turn into hysterical attacks where they are ridiculed, slandered, and threatened sometimes for only mentioning circumcision. Physicians and healthcare providers who offer circumcision services are attacked through mass posting of negative online reviews and doxing of professional and personal information. In some instances, attempts have been made by intactivists to disrupt business at healthcare locations or to get a healthcare provider fired from their job. Cyber-bullying seems the norm for cult-like intactivists, but unfortunately, they do show up in person too! Disturbing intactivists wearing fake blood-stained white pants can be seen protesting outside pediatric and obstetrical medical events, as well as at healthcare facilities. They consistently bear signs claiming newborn circumcision is comparable to "sexual assault" or saying physicians are charlatans who "mutilate babies" for profit. Raging male intactivists never seem to stop hating their own lives, or blaming all their woes on neonatal circumcision. Their insecurities get reinforced in a relatively small online bubble that routinely body-shames circumcised men while promoting the unsubstantiated idea that circumcised men are somehow broken. It is a vicious cycle! Associating body-shaming and violent imagery with infant circumcision seems like a recipe for disaster. One that has already led to suicide among their ranks.


This is no joke.

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