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An Open Letter to Parents, Medical Professionals, and our Adversaries (Intactivist Bullies)


October 22, 2016

San Francisco, Calif.


Today our group successfully executed a counter-protest outside the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference. Participants traveled from across the United States and around the world. One member flew in from Europe, and another from Australia.


This event was the culmination of months of planning. Dozens of supporters who were unable to join us in person graciously offered their support in other ways. Although our adversaries enjoyed several advantages, we exploited some of their weaknesses, particularly their overconfidence.


While our opponents are decisively anti-circumcision, we are not pro-circumcision. Some of our members chose to circumcise their sons, and some of us chose not to circumcise. Because an infant is unable to consent to anything, it falls to his parents to make medical decisions on his behalf.


The anti-circumcision movement began with street protests and booths at baby fairs. If that were the extent of their activities, we could ignore them. Instead they’ve mutated into a hive of wasps that swarms around anyone who dares to dissent. They adopted vicious tactics similar to those used by anti-abortion, anti-vaccination, and animal rights extremists. They stalk doctors and nurses, posting photos and personal information. They harass mothers and insult happily circumcised fathers. They metastasize into an online mob, thwarting attempts at rational discussion and debate. The final stroke that united us in our resolve was their aggressive face-to-face interrogations of physicians. While our opponents may "save" foreskins, they don’t save babies. For them to berate doctors – medical professionals who actually do save babies – was an obscenity we cannot accept.


America’s pediatricians work tirelessly to keep our nation’s children healthy from birth to adulthood. The 12,000 AAP members attending the conference have earned our respect, and today we welcomed them to San Francisco. We conveyed our appreciation for their dedication to health care, and we enlightened them on the sinister nature of the anti-circumcision cult.


TO MOTHERS AND FATHERS: We affirm that circumcision is a perfectly acceptable parental choice. Do not be ashamed of decisions – medical or other – that you make for the benefit of your children. We ask only that you review your social media privacy settings; limit access to personal information and family photos. Before you post about circumcision, change your privacy settings to “Friends.” If the fanatics can’t see your posts, they can’t harass you or your friends.


TO DOCTORS AND NURSES: We offer our eternal gratitude for all that you do for children and families. We support your efforts to help parents better understand circumcision and other common-sense preventative medical procedures. Please advise your staff and the parents of your patients to be cautious when they discuss childbirth and childcare topics online.


TO OUR ADVERSARIES: While this may be the first time you’ve met us in person, it won’t be the last. We have a network of physicians, nurses, and parents who’ve decided to take action after seeing the fanatics attack unsuspecting individuals and organizations around the world. Next time we might be a party of 1 or a party of 20. You won’t know our plans and we won’t announce them in advance. Understand that we’re working to counter your hysteria and propaganda with accurate facts and unbiased information. We’re acting behind the scenes to support the victims of your harassment. And we’re always watching you.

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