Gullible intactivists give negative reviews for blank book

"Reasons to Circumcise: A Comprehensive Unbiased Evidence-Based Guide To All Of the Data In Favor Of Circumcision" is a new book that just appeared on This is a textbook example of the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover." The book is a prank; it's filled with blank pages - apparently to convey the author's belief that there are no valid reasons for circumcision. Clues that the publication is not what what it appears are apparent. The "author" is the obviously fictitious name, "Hugh Dickman, M.D." The back cover features sly endorsements by several longtime anti-circumcision activists. One of the endorsements is, "The pages of nothing turned out to be really something. Buy t

Pink donates $500,000 to Australian fire services

On Saturday Pink pledged to donate $500,000 to local fire services that are battling brushfires in Australia. Since last September hundreds of bush fires have devastated the continent. CNN reported that as of Sunday, there were approximately 136 fires, about half of which are out of control. About 2,700 firefighters are battling the blazes; three have been killed. Authorities report that overall 24 people have died in the fires, and two people are missing. In December the air quality in Sydney measured 11 times the "hazardous" level. One ecologist estimated that about 480 million animals have been killed in New South Wales. Pink tweeted, "I am totally devastated watching what is happening in


Circumcision opponents often tell each other that not only are they on the right side of history, but they are winning the fight to end the procedure. [1] While groups like Intact America and the Blood Stained Men make a lot of noise and get a lot of publicity, are they actually reducing the number of circumcised boys? Are they actually changing a significant number of minds? As we are at the beginning of a new decade, it makes sense to take a look back at events of the past ten years. Medical Association Policy Statements In its 2012 policy statement the American Academy of Pediatrics declared that "Evaluation of current evidence indicates that the health benefits of newborn male circumcisi

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