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The disingenuity of intactivists

Nicole Mador

April 20, 2024

A few days ago I got a notification in one of my PPC groups that an intactivist who runs the YouTube channel Prevail Over the System (POTS) was accusing predominant intactivists (such as BSM's leader Kenneth Hopkins) of plagiarism, as well as kowtowing to the will of Jewish intactivist organizations. Being absolutely thrilled with the news of intactivist in-squabbling, I went to the POTS channel, taking time out of my busy day to watch the nearly half-hour video of a faceless, no-name anime avatar whining about Jews getting more attention that him. You can view the video here and then decide for yourself what POTS is really upset about.

Yup. That's pretty much what the POTS video was about, in my humble, educated opinion. Ironically the creator behind the POTS YouTube channel didn't see the antisemitism in his own accusations, and he was clearly madder at Jewish intactivists calling out antisemitism than antisemitism itself. I made that point in the comments section, but what followed was very typical intactivist behavior.

POTS posted a response to my comment, requesting an interview with me to present the evidence of antisemitism within the intactivist movement. In response, I agreed to the interview with certain reasonable stipulations. My comment was promptly deleted within minutes, but not before I got a screenshot.

But why? Why did he delete my comment?

Well - because intactivists are disingenuous liars. Number one, they know they have an antisemitism problem, and they know I have a boatload of evidence to prove it. Number two, they don't want discourse, even though they pretend to; they want an echo chamber. Number three, POTS doesn't want any of his whopping 236 followers to see that a PPC parent agreed to sit down for an interview with evidence to support the claim that intactivism is rife with the oldest hatred - antisemitism. Number four, I refused to be proselytized to. You say he might not have liked my terms. But if that's the case, why delete the comments? Why not just say, "No, I don't agree to those terms because x, y, and z"?

Therefore, I don't believe anything POTS says about other intactivists. This rather minor incident further demonstrates that intactivists cannot be trusted as a source for anything - especially medical and parenting advice - but most alarmingly, the truth. If they can be so disingenuous about something so obvious and documentable, what makes you think we should believe anything else they claim?


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