German intactivist projects deceitful and bullying tactics

Ulf Dunkel, a 56 year-old German software developer, has created and maintained a Wikipedia-style website for intactivists. While IntactWiki has a similar style as the popular Wikipedia website, Dunkel maintains total control over the website. Typical articles include esoteric and often cherry-picked facts with Dunkel's personal opinions woven into the entries. Accusations against Circumcision Choice Dunkel recently added an article titled "Circumcision advocat" [sic] about Circumcision Choice and other parental choice groups that provide factual information about circumcision and intactivists. [1] Dunkel falsely claims that Circumcision Choice advocates in favor of circumcision. We are a gr

About organs

The dictionary defines an organ as "a differentiated structure (such as a heart, kidney, leaf, or stem) consisting of cells and tissues and performing some specific function. An alternate definition is "bodily parts performing a function or cooperating in an activity." Merriam-Webster gives "the eyes and related structures that make up the visual organs" as an example. [1] The penis is the most visible organ in the reproductive and urinary systems. And the penis is the primary organ involved in male sexual pleasure. The glans and the shaft (to which the foreskin is attached on an uncircumcised penis) do not constitute separate organs - any more than the pupil or retina of an eye would consti

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