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The irate Man uses our post to attack Intact America

March 9, 2024

The subject of our 2017 Irate Man series has verbally attacked the subject of our 2018 Intact America series. Once again, Circumcision Choice is caught in the middle.

Last year we reported on an anti-circumcision civil war between filmmakers Brendon Marotta and Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon. In reporting the story an intactivist blog post falsely claimed that Circumcision Choice had harassed intactivists and that we were affiliated with the Facebook page Antisemitism in Intactivism. [1]

In the current controversy James Loewen, a member of the Blood Stained Men board of directors, published a blog post titled, "55 Questions for Georganne Chapin, director of Intact America." Readers can view the list of hostile, leading questions at this link. [2]

Loewen's attack on Chapin marks a striking transition in their relationship - from friends to enemies. In 2011 Loewen interviewed Chapin for a 10-minute YouTube video. [3] One year later Intact America named Loewen "Intactivist of the Month." Chapin gushed, “I hold James Loewen in the highest esteem as an interviewer, photographer and filmmaker. But even more, I admire him as a kind and deeply insightful friend." Loewen responded, "I'm very pleased to be associated with Intact America and support their efforts to educate and enlighten." [4]

Circumcision Choice doesn't take sides in intactivist civil wars. It's our sincere hope that Intact America and the Blood Stained Men destroy each other. That said, we note that both Loewen and Chapin have delved into conspiracy theories, so their credibility is less than sterling. [5][6] We will respond to Loewen's questions that refer directly to us.

37. Why did Intact America publish a pro-circumcision [article] attacking Marilyn Milos titled "Marilyn Milos fibs about circumcision and penile cancer" by an anti-Intactivist organization on August 23, 2022, four days before Intact 2022, Intact America's rebranding of Marilyn's annual Intactivist conference?

Our article [7] is entirely fact based, without a pro circumcision bias. This isn't the first time that Intact America has posted an embarrassing link on its Facebook page. [8] We suspect that the organization's social media content strategist doesn't do due diligence when determining content for the page. Probably the reference to Marilyn Milos caught the eye of the strategist, who then shared the link without bothering to read the article. [9]

38. The pro-circumcision article "Marilyn Milos fibs about circumcision and penile cancer" claims that circumcision prevents penile cancer and HPV and that the idea that over a hundred children die from circumcision each year is a "myth" that was "invented by Dan Bollinger," Vice Chairperson of Intact America. Does Intact America agree with these statements?

Loewen makes one false claim and one true claim. We never stated that circumcision prevents penile cancer or HPV. We indicated that circumcision reduces the risk of penile cancer. We referred to the American Cancer Society (ACS), which cites "not being circumcised" as a risk of penile cancer. [10] About HPV we wrote, "[c]ircumcision reduces the risk of HPV" - again citing the ACS.

Loewen is correct in that we stated that Bollinger invented the myth that more than 100 boys in the United States die from circumcision each year. Our article Circumcision Deaths explains how Bollinger arrived at this figure and why it has no basis in fact. [11]

39. Why is the pro-circumcision article "Marilyn Milos fibs about circumcision and penile cancer" still on Intact America's Facebook page? Should we assume based on the fact the article is still up that no one from Intact America has any objections to this article?

We suspect that our article remains on Intact America's Facebook page because few people before Loewen even bothered to click the link and read the article.

40 Did anyone involved with Intact America or Intact 2022 voice any objections to a pro-circumcision article being posted to Intact America's social media? If so, how did Intact America respond? If not, why not?

Again, we suspect that there were no objections - because very few people even noticed the link.

41. Are there connections between the pro-circumcision organization whose article Intact America shared and the Jewish activists who had attacked the Intactivist movement that Intact America was working with around the Intact 2022 conference?

Circumcision Choice is not pro circumcision; we are pro parents choice. We support a parent's decision for or against circumcision for her infant son. We at Circumcision Choice have no connections with Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon nor any other intactivist who participated in the Intact 2022 conference.


[2] James Loewen; "55 questions for Georganne Chapin, director of Intact America."; James Loewen Medium; March 5, 2024

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[5] "How intactivists exploited the coronavirus"; Circumcision Choice; October 28, 2020. "Blood Stained Men director James Loewen was among those spreading a fringe conspiracy theory - known as QAnon - that billionaire Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical industry were using the pandemic to promote vaccines... He claimed that global health organizations were intentionally deceiving the public in order to create 'a mandatory world wide vaccine, that digitally connects the recipient (victim) to a matrix.' In June Loewen promoted more absurd QAnon conspiracy theories, including: 'Psychopath billionaire George Soros' funded Black Lives Matter protests in order to forment civil unrest; U.S. President Donald Trump was working to uncover 'an enormous pedophile ring ... involved in human trafficking, satanic blood rituals, and human sacrifice'; [and] Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin 'were filmed ripping off a child's face and wearing it as a mask before drinking the child's blood in a Satanic ritual sacrifice.'"

[6]Antisemitism in intactivist leadership; Circumcision Choice; August 13, 2022. "During an interview with a white supremacist podcaster, she blamed 'the Jewish lobbyists' and 'the organized [Jewish] religion' for routine hospital circumcisions that may be requested by parents of all backgrounds. She has singled out 'the Jewish lobby' for obstructing legislation that would criminalize circumcision."

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[11] "Circumcision Deaths"; Circumcision Choice; March 6, 2021


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