Controversial doctor claims that babies go into "mental shock"

Last year physician Eugene Gu tweeted that pain associated with circumcision causes some babies to go into "mental shock." There is no support for such a diagnosis, and Gu's controversial background makes it reckless that anyone would cite him as a medical authority. Shock is a critical medical condition that is brought about by a sudden drop in blood flow throughout the body. The circulatory system fails to maintain adequate blood flow, sharply curtailing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to vital organs. Signs and symptoms of shock include low blood pressure; over-breathing; a weak, rapid pulse; cold, clammy, grayish-blueish skin; decreased urine flow; and a sense of great anxiety and f

The circumcision rate

Many people ask about the circumcision rate in the United States and around the world. We have seen claims that the U.S. circumcision rate is as high as 80% or as low as 33%. [1] Although there are no precise figures, some reports and studies can help us reach an approximation. The U.S. rate: 1979-2010 In 2013 the CDC released a report covering the U.S. circumcision rate for each year from 1979 through 2010. The report estimated circumcisions performed for neonatal boys prior to hospital discharge (normally on the second day after birth). [2] The report found that the circumcision rate declined by 10% from 64.5% in 1979 to 58.3% in 2010. However this was not a steady decline. Rather the

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