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October 29, 2016

San Francisco AAP Meeting Counter-Protest Message

THE COUNTER-PROTESTERS ARE ALL AAP DOCTORS OR STAFF. Our group includes doctors, nurses, parents, happily circumcised men, partners, and other concerned citizens. SOMEONE, PERHAPS THE AAP, HIRED THEM. No one paid us. Each of us volunteered her own time to travel to San Francisco and stand up for the AAP members. We didn't coordinate with the American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact the AAP had no knowledge of our plans. A PHYSICIAN DONOR PAID FOR THE SHIRTS AND SIGNS. Each team member paid for her own T-shirt. Our group (including members who were unable to attend) combined our resources to pay the cost of the signs, which were printed at an office supply store. THE COUNTER-PROTESTERS ARE PRO CIRCUMCISION. We are Pro Parents Choice (PPC). Some of us circumcised our sons, and others have not. Last Saturday some doctors told us that they don't circumcise, and our response was the same. "That's fine. We have no problem with that. We are not pro-circumcision, we are not anti-circumcision. We support the rights of parents and doctors not to circumcise their sons and patients." THEY SPENT HALF A DAY COUNTER-PROTESTING A FOUR-DAY CONFERENCE. That's correct. Unlike obsessed intactivists, we are primarily focused on our own families, jobs, and real lives. For our first attempt at a protest, we think we did pretty well. We earned the attention of the AAP and our adversaries. THEY ARE TRYING TO SILENCE CIRCUMCISION OPPONENTS. We're not trying to silence anyone. We wanted to show our appreciation for the AAP members, and to call for an end to the vicious abuse that has been directed at them by the anti-circumcision extremists who stood across the street from us.

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