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August 14, 2017

Circumcision opponents remain frustrated that there is one page on Facebook that they can't control or dominate...

Circumcision Choice, a page maintained by a volunteer organization of parents, physicians, and concerned citizens. We report on the crazy and often despicable antics of anti-circumcision activists (intactivists), we provide visitors with accurate information about circumcision and we support parents and physicians who make medical decisions on circumcision. Intactivists have already created two separate Facebook groups to refute our posts, and they frequently threaten our personal lives. They wish to cause us personal harm because we stand up against their bullying and misinformation. This is one of those stories.

Brandi Nunes uses Facebook Page to attack after being blocked

On Tuesday after we blocked her from our Facebook page, a visitor denounced us on her own page (see screenshot). While creating a fanciful story for her followers and warning them NOT to visit Circumcision Choice, Brandi Nunes withheld the fact that her opinions are NOT the reason she's no longer welcome. She uttered gratuitous personal attacks, which we don’t tolerate.

Nunes also threatened to call Child Protective Services on the page admins and on another visitor. We did not consider this is an idle threat. Two years ago Nunes threatened to contact authorities to report a hospital where a child in intensive care was scheduled for circumcision along with a major surgery. She reportedly contacted CPS in retaliation against the parents.

Brandi Nunes reports family of NICU baby to CPS for wanting a circumcision

Brandi Nunes reported a family of an NICU baby to CPS for wanting a circumcision

We're disappointed, but not surprised that adversaries lie about us and misrepresent our positions. We're amused that they feel so threatened by the information we provide that they beg their followers to avoid our page. We at Circumcision Choice won't tell you to avoid certain pages, websites, or videos. We trust that our fans have the ability to exercise discernment and skepticism. #Intactivism #Intactivists #Bullying #OnlineBullying

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