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-Our weekly Friday fun reprinted from our Facebook page-

December 11, 2016

This function requires a bit of explanation. The glans (head) of a circumcised penis is always uncovered. By contrast the foreskin covers the glans of an uncircumcised penis in its flaccid state. When an uncircumcised man starts to get sexually aroused, the foreskin usually retracts to expose his glans.

Apparently the argument is that since the glans on a circumcised man isn't covered by foreskin, a partner can't determine whether he's sexually aroused just by seeing his glans. Whereas the partner of an uncircumcised man can tell. If the she can see the head of her partner's penis, then she knows that he's getting aroused.

This "function" is laughably ridiculous. The glans is NOT the most visual sign of male sexual arousal. His GROWING ERECTION is the universal signal that a man is ready to perform in bed.

Those who promote this "function" mistakenly presume that in order for a woman to be aware that her partner is feeling erotic, he must be naked, or at least have his penis peeking through his briefs. In fact the presence of an erection can be clearly visible even when he's fully clothed.

Moreover, there are many signs that show arousal beyond the physical appearance of genitals. The look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, and a change in his body stance are just a few of the sensory signals that alert a partner that her man wants some action.

NEXT WEEK: The cold, hard truth.

(NOTE: Although this post assumed a female partner, the signs of sexual arousal would be no less apparent to a male partner.)

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