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Who is this and why is she messaging me?

January 25, 2017

The anti-circumcision extremists of intactivism seek to retaliate against anyone who opposes them. Following our counter-protest in San Francisco, they threatened to tell our employers that we support child abuse. And on Tuesday they contacted me in a pitiful attempt to humiliate me. The fanatics have a visceral hatred of me because of my debating skills and unapologetic support for the Pro-Parent Choice position (which is our organization's stance here at They often liken me to fictional villains from Star Wars, The Silence of the Lambs, and Austin Powers. Intactivist Victoria Radbourne was disturbed at my humor about circumcision, saying, “There isn't anything funny about removing healthy functioning tissue from an infant.” I responded with a dose of black humor, posting a meme of Hannibal Lecter and joking about a macabre motivation.

intactivists like sending messages

While some may find this sense of humor disturbing, Radbourne decided to punish me by prying into my personal life. She located my sister-in-law and sent a private message with a screen shot of my comment and the message, “Makes one proud, doesn’t it?” Back on Facebook she tried to taunt me: “Andrew Gross and his family are interesting. I truly wonder what his sister-in-law, [name], who has a degree in [field of study], would think of all this. I'll let you know what she says as I've sent her a screencap of the last three posts. Should be interesting." She sent a similar message to my wife.

This shameful attempt to personally harm me has backfired. My family and friends have expressed complete support for him. I used this opportunity to educate them about the malicious threats posed by the anti-circumcision movement. Unfortunately this isn’t an isolated situation, but just one of hundreds of intactivist retaliations against parents, doctors, and anyone else who supports the right of parents to choose circumcision.


The harassment of parents and doctors must stop!


Personal attacks are a common tactic of intactivism's foreskin fanatics and you can read more about their crazy ways at our "About Intactivists" page.

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