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Intact America

October 7, 2018 "Sometimes it seems that the louder someone claims sainthood, the bigger the horns they are hiding." [1]

An Allure magazine advice columnist recently explained that an uncircumcised penis is normal and natural, and a reader shouldn't shame her new partner over it. [2] One would think that circumcision opponents would love that message. But when linking to the article on its Facebook page, Intact America complained - ironically - that the article shames men, by using an image of a "circumcised banana" and by using the term "uncircumcised."

Three years earlier Intact America posted a photo of an unwrapped sausage to represent a circumcised organ, calling it a "mutilated penis" that is "much worse" than a cute banana. It's difficult to conceive of a more brazen example of hypocrisy. [3]

Earlier this year Intact America linked to a CafeMom article about circumcision. [4] It was clear the Intact America admin had not read the article. The admin lifted a quote from the beginning, which described the reactions of mothers to a viral post that had described the circumcision procedure in hysterical and inaccurate terms. Later in the CafeMom article, the writer quoted several registered nurses who had experience assisting with newborn circumcisions, and whose eyewitness accounts refuted the misinformation.''

When its followers read the article and objected, Intact America reposted the link with a summary disputing the first-hand information from the nurses. And then the admin deleted the original post without explanation – an online practice known as dirty deleting that is considered improper.

Some might say these were merely exceptions or honest mistakes. Ethical organizations will strive to set standards for honesty, integrity, and transparency. It happens that every organization will fall short of the mark and err from time to time.

That isn’t the case with Intact America. These examples are emblematic of the group’s standard.

Our series this week explores the largest anti-circumcision group in the United States. Tomorrow you'll see examples of falsehoods that the group routinely spreads. On Tuesday we'll explore the history of the organization, and on Wednesday we'll take a look at its leader. Later this week we'll analyze Intact America's involvement in an international circumcision story, and see how the group responds to an American human rights crisis. You will see that fanaticism, hypocrisy, unreliability, or dishonesty bleeds through anything associated with the group.

[1] Steve Maraboli; Facebook post; April 3, 2015. Maraboli is an inspirational speaker and best-selling author.

[3] "Uncircumcised" is a neutral term, neither positive nor negative, and certainly not derogatory. By contrast, "mutilated" is a negative term, implying physical and aesthetic damage. While disingenuously claiming that a neutral term "shames" men who aren't circumcised, Intact America routinely and deliberately uses a term intended to shame men who are circumcised.

[4] Lauren Levy; "This Viral & Graphic Circumcision Post Is Making Parents Think Twice"; cafemom; March 12, 2018​


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