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"People who [perform circumcisions] should be enthusing about it behind bars, with other child molesters.” – James Loewen

March 31, 2017

James Loewen, Intactivism's darling videographer

James Loewen is one of the most beloved figures in the anti-circumcision movement. Now in his 60’s, Loewen describes himself as an independent photographer and videographer. He travels from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia to film intactivist events and to interview members of the movement.

Jonathan Friedman, editor of an anti-circumcision newsletter, called Loewen, “a great individual with a big heart, a deep concern for issues and the people affected.” [1] Frances Maxant, creator of the deceptively-named “Circumcision Resources” pages, described him as fearless, tireless, and a TRUE HERO.” [2]

Intact America bestowed the title “the intactivist movement’s unofficial documentarian” when it named Loewen “Intactivist of the Month” in 2012, and Executive Director Georganne Chapin gushed:

"I hold James Loewen in the highest esteem as an interviewer, photographer and filmmaker. But even more, I admire him as a kind and deeply insightful friend. If you look at the interviews James has filmed, you will see that all of his subjects—without exception—are open and interesting. This is a result of James’ gently probing questions, and a demeanor that conveys safety and trust. We are very lucky to have James as a chronicler of the intactivist movement." [3]

These accolades disregard a dark, sinister side that we’ll begin to explore tomorrow.

[1] Attorneys for the Rights of the Child Newsletter; Volume 10, Issue 1, p 13

[2] Facebook comment; December 23, 2016

[3] IOTM - James Loewen; Intact America; July 10, 2012

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April 2, 2017 - Part 1: The man who chronicles the intactivist movement


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