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A rape survivor speaks

April 1, 2018 Kimberly wrote this comment last year on the page of a woman who referred to circumcision as "rape."

So allow me to explain to you exactly what rape is and what can happen since you clearly don't understand.

Almost four years ago, I was raped, beaten, and sodomized by my former neighbors in my backyard. I told them no multiple times and tried to get away but had my head bashed into the concrete. I went unconscious. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I was institutionalized. I was suicidal.

At ages 5 and 6, I was molested by my family. I have multiple friends who were raped as children. Some of the girls became pregnant from it and one ended up losing the ability to reproduce due to internal damage.

Now... If all of your sexual experiences have been consensual (and clearly they have, since you didn't even know what situation constitutes rape), good for you, because no one deserves the hell that comes with having your body stolen from you.

What you referred to above is called circumcision, a LEGITIMATE medical procedure that your crunchy ass obviously can't comprehend since people like you tend to believe in idiotic medical and spiritual woo. When babies are born, their parents make the healthcare decisions. They weigh the pros and cons of the procedure (the cons being VERY few - really just whether or not the doctor knows exactly what they are doing and won't botch it, and the pros, which are MANY - less risk of STDs, less risk of infection, less risk of smegma build-up, and the list goes on and on.

Your problem (or really just the most notable one) is that you lack education. If you had actually taken the time to learn about the procedure and to learn about what rape is, how serious of a word that is, how damaging actual rape really is and how it can and will deeply affect those of us who survived it and just barely got out of it alive, maybe you wouldn't have thrown that word out there.

You are wasting your time. Circumcision is not rape, period. Comparing anything to rape and saying that it is exactly the same is irresponsible. I pray that you don't have children. I didn't bother checking your profile for it because that would just be too tragic if you do. As for me, I have five beautiful kids who I am raising with open minds. And their genital status is none of your business whatsoever, so please let go of this obsession you have with childrens' genitalia.

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To learn about sexual violence and find resources on how to prevent it, visit the National Sexual Violence Resource Center website or Facebook page.


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