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Antisemitism within intactivist leadership

Published: August 13, 2022

Updated: March 3, 2024

Opposition to circumcision isn't inherently antisemitic. It's just that so many intactivists oppose circumcision because they hate Jews.

The Facebook page Antisemitism in Intactivism is doing a fine job of documenting the virulent hatred of Jews that daily permeates the intactivist presence on social media. Antisemitism isn’t limited to rank-and-file members, however. Sadly, this centuries-old bigotry has infected the highest levels of intactivist leadership.

Today we'll examine the actions of four prominent individuals in the intactivist movement. They include the director of the largest anti-circumcision organization in the USA, the most active intactivist doctor in Europe, the founder of an intactivist protest group, and the producer of a 2017 anti-circumcision documentary. We'll see how other prominent intactivists are reacting and responding to the undeniable bigotry within the movement.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance defines antisemitism as “a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” The U.S. State Departments provides contemporary examples, including:

  • Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.

  • Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective - such as … the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

  • Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.

  • Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany … during World War II (the Holocaust)

  • Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize [Jews or] Israelis

  • Drawing comparisons of contemporary [Jewish or] Israeli policies to that of the Nazis [1]

Georganne Chapin - Intact America

The executive director of Intact America may be the single most powerful circumcision opponent in the United States. Georganne Chapin controls million of dollars in financial resources, [2] and she is a leading spokeswoman of the intactivist movement. She writes opinion columns and appears on broadcast, cable, and online media channels to discuss her views on circumcision.

Christian and Muslim religious and political leaders have allied with Jewish leaders to champion laws and policies that protect circumcision in both the United States and Europe. [3] Yet Chapin has targeted Jews - and only Jews - for her bitterness. During an interview with a white supremacist podcaster, she blamed "the Jewish lobbyists” and “the organized [Jewish] religion" - for routine hospital circumcisions that may be requested by parents of all backgrounds. [4] She has singled out "the Jewish lobby" for obstructing legislation that would criminalize circumcision. [5]

In 2012 the Bay Area Intactivists group posted a quote, from a satirical Gore Vidal novel, that accused Jewish doctors of sadistically enjoying the opportunity to "mutilate" non-Jewish babies. Chapin eagerly shared the post on her page and suggested that intactivists print the statement on cards and posters. [6]

During a speech at a 2014 anti-circumcision conference, she denied that an infamous comic book villain (discussed below) was problematic, much less antisemitic. She cautioned that attendees should not be concerned about antisemitism within the movement. She asked them to focus on what she called the real enemy: doctors, nurses, mohels, and even parents. [7]

The next year Chapin penned an op-ed for a Florida newspaper in which she compared circumcision to the horrific experiments that Nazi doctors inflicted on concentration camp prisoners during World War II. [8][9] A letter-writer responded that her analogy of Jewish mohels to Nazi doctors is "a particularly horrible comparison to the thousands of Jewish survivors who willingly and joyfully had their infant sons circumcised after being freed." [10] Comparing Jewish rituals to Nazi atrocities is “like disagreeing with someone eating meat, and knowing they are a rape victim, choosing to make your point by comparing eating meat with rape and saying that someone who had been raped should know better. It’s not just a bad analogy, it’s applying a different standard to someone because they are a victim, making them a victim a second time." [11]

Kenneth Hopkins - Blood Stained Men

The leader of the Blood Stained Men protest group is Kenneth Hopkins - a 74 year-old California man who calls himself "Brother K." Over the past nine years Hopkins has led more than 450 protests, including 95 in the past year, throughout the contiguous United States. He aggressively taunts physicians and nurses outside medical conferences.

Hopkins has complained for years about Jewish participation on the 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics circumcision task force. He has repeatedly posted a photo of the task force chair, Dr. Susan Blank, with a quote from a 1998 New York Times wedding announcement stating that a rabbi was officiating her wedding. The clear implication is that she is Jewish, and thus her religious identity disqualifies her from serving on the circumcision task force. [12] He also accused task force member Dr. Andrew Freedman of a religious conflict of interest. [13]

In 2013 intactivist Michael Dulin blamed the Jewish people for antisemitism. He wrote, "I am convinced that, psychologically, antisemitism exists because of the practice of circumcision... Any culture that engages in such a harsh and aggressive act against it's [sic] very own male infants and children makes that culture appear as threatening to the fundamental survival of our species and therefor [sic] a [threat] in general, to society." Dulin dismissed antisemitism and the Holocaust as nothing more than "catch phrases" to distract intactivists. Kenneth Hopkins reacted approvingly to Dulin's message. [14]

Nathan Zunker, an associate producer of American Circumcision, is a frequent protester for the Blood Stained Men. Under the pseudonym Luke Artanis, Zunker has emphatically denied that the Nazis used gas chambers and other methods to murder 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. [15] He has spread malicious falsehoods about Jewish law and the Talmud, the primary body of Jewish legal commentary. [16] Steven Barendregt wrote that "Islam is an inherently violent religion. Just like judaism." [sic] During the early lethal phase of the Covid-19 pandemic (before vaccines and effective treatments were available,) Barendregt sent a fake CDC/WHO health advisory with the title, What to do if you get Covid-19. The meme encouraged those infected to "visit your local mosque" and "synagogue" - presumably to spread the lethal virus to people who practice or support circumcision. [17] Barendregt has expressed racist thoughts, calling a Black man a "N----r" and a "F--king n----r" several times in a private message. [18]

Protester Carl Silverman has spread the classic antisemitic tropes that Jews control the media and "think they are better and smarter and more important than everyone else." Silverman said that Jews "deserve to be hated" based on circumcision and the kosher method of animal slaughter.[19] Daniel Bryce has stated that "the hallmark of Judaism is hatred and destruction of others." [20] Bryce agreed with a caption on a photo of Orthodox Jews that read, "These psychopaths need to be holocausted because they are EVIL beyond words." [21] Parrish King, a candidate for the Jacksonville, Florida city council, has posted antisemitic falsehoods about Jews and the Talmud. King spread a quote invented by a Palestinian terrorist organization claiming that the Jews control America - a quote falsely attributed to an Israeli prime minister. [23][24][24A] Kenneth Hopkins has welcomed Artanis, Barendregt, Silverman, Bryce, and King on his protest tours. [19][22][23][25]

Morten Frisch - Statens Serum Institut

You're unlikely to find a European doctor who lobbies more aggressively for banning circumcision than Morten Frisch, an epidemiologist at a research institute in Copenhagen. Frisch is the lead author of a 2013 response, by 37 mostly European doctors, to the AAP’s circumcision policy statement. [26][27] He has conducted several studies, the results of which always happen to support his anti-circumcision agenda. Frisch vehemently objects to being labeled an antisemite.

Nevertheless, a Danish blogger reported that Frisch “routinely describes Jews and Muslims in scornful and demeaning terms" on his Facebook page, and he "frequently allows others to post outright anti-Semitic and islamophobic comments.” [28] A letter from 62 concerned Danish citizens to various government and private medical agencies documented dozens of Frisch's troubling statements. For example, "Specifically, he has described named individuals as ... 'a Jewish epidemiologist,' 'a Danish-Jewish medical doctor,' ... 'a Jewish researcher,' and 'a biochemist who is married to a Jew'." The letter included incriminating screenshots and links. [29]

In 2016 Frisch castigated a Danish journalist, accusing the man of "abus[ing] his Jewish pedigree to cover up the brutality he himself inflicted on his non-Jewish child." [30] In an article critical of a pro circumcision medical group, Frisch ethnically profiled members whom he believed had connections to Jewish or Muslim communities. [31] He sought to discredit their research or opinions based solely on their religious affiliations.

Later that year he called on research journals that publish circumcision-related articles to include the religion of Jewish authors on the pretext that such authors automatically have a religious conflict of interest. [32][33] However - as the 62 Danish citizens observed - when Frisch submits research papers for publication, he never declares his own clear conflict of interest, namely his extensive campaign to criminalize circumcision of boys in Denmark. [34-39] A researcher with several published circumcision related studies and who identifies as atheist rejected Frisch’s assertion that an author’s religion bears any relevance to the reliability of his research. [40]

In 2014 Frisch declared that - 70 years after the Holocaust - antisemitism was no longer a concern in his country. [41] In reality, Jews have been the victims of violent, sometimes deadly attacks. The danger is so prevalent that religious and government authorities have warned Danish Jews and Israeli tourists not to wear Jewish attire or symbols and avoid speaking Hebrew loudly in public. [42-51] Paradoxically, Frisch later claimed that he does fear antisemitism, which he blamed on the Jewish people. [52]

Brendon Marotta - American Circumcision

Brendon Marotta is best known for producing American Circumcision, a 101-minute anti-circumcision documentary. The movie was featured at several film festivals around the United States in 2017 and 2018, winning two awards. In the past few years Marotta has self-published two books and written several blog posts.

In two recent posts Marotta focused on the Jews. The first post, A Jewish Guide To Talking To Circumcision Survivors, [53] was addressed in a previous Circumcision Choice article. Briefly, Marotta referred to Jews as "oppressors" and compared Jews to racists who assault Blacks and police who commit violent misconduct. He made the absurd accusation that Jews incite violence against circumcision opponents, when in fact it is intactivists who use incendiary terms to demonize Jews. He claimed that Jews commonly use racial slurs, his evidence consisting of a single (false) accusation against Circumcision Choice. He badgered a doctor who ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate, repeatedly identifying her as Jewish on his blog, and he falsely accused her of telling him to commit suicide. He preemptively accused anyone who might disagree with him of "Jewish fragility." [54]

In the second post, The Abuse of Jewish Fragility, Marotta repeatedly called Jews “abusers" and intactivists "victims." Employing another classic antisemitic trope, he claimed that Jewish organizations have "systemic power with the ability to deplatform people from social media, put them on law enforcement watch-lists, or remove them from banking systems.” [55]

In his book Children's Justice, Marotta referred to the well-known biblical eye for eye principle of reciprocal justice [56] as "Jewish justice." He wrote, “The reciprocal Jewish justice of ‘eye for eye’ applied to this issue would mean holding down perpetrators of systemic pedophilia and cutting off part of their genitals without anesthesia." After dismissing his fantasy because "it would create more harm in the name of punishing harm," he advised that Jews should strive to become "less Jewish." He equated Jewishness with pedophilia and declared, "To become less Jewish is to become less pedophile... Only once freed from the social construction of Jewishness will people be free from systemic pedophilia.” [57]

Marotta holds particular animosity toward the Anti Defamation League ever since the Jewish civil rights organization led a successful 2011 campaign to defeat a San Francisco ballot measure. [57A] (See below.) The ADL was founded following the 1913 death sentence imposed on Leo Frank, a Jewish factory director who was wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of a 13 year-old girl. In 1915 Frank's death sentence would be commuted to life in prison. However several weeks later a rabid antisemitic mob broke into the jail and lynched Frank by hanging him. In 2021 Marotta, referring to Frank, wrote, "The ADL was founded to defend racist pedophiles." [57B]

See update below.

Responses from other prominent intactivists

For many years the reaction of the intactivist community to its boiling cauldron of antisemitism was a collective shrug. Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon has been involved with the movement since 2006. He produced an anti-circumcision documentary - Cut: Slicing through the myths of circumcision - a decade before Marotta’s film. Ungar-Sargon recently wrote about the growing radicalization. “Over the course of my involvement with the Intactivist movement… I have watched the problem of bigotry go from something one might see occasionally, on the fringes, to taking center stage on platforms viewed by hundreds of thousands.” [57]

A 2011 ballot measure would have prohibited circumcision of minor boys in San Francisco. Five months before the election the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Matthew Hess, author of the measure, had created the Foreskin Man comic book with Monster Mohel, a grotesque caricature reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. While this revelation disturbed some circumcision opponents, Lloyd Schofield - the ballot measure sponsor - defended the comic book. Schofield also maintained a link to the comic book on his website promoting the measure. [58]

When the Monster Mohel controversy broke, Ungar-Sargon emailed Hess, offering him the opportunity to respond to the antisemitism accusations. [59] The filmmaker reported, "When I asked whether it was a coincidence that the hero of his comic had blonde hair and blue eyes and the villains had darker complexions, [Hess] wrote: 'Foreskin Man’s blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin reflects my own German heritage. I see absolutely no reason to be ashamed of that.' This answer pushed me to admit that there was probably something going on here beyond a simple misunderstanding. Many Germans don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes and the connection of these features to 'German heritage' has clear racist undertones." [56]

Three years later Hess was invited to give a presentation at the 2014 Genital Autonomy Symposium. This was the conference where Georganne Chapin complained about "an over-concern about anti-Semitism" and declared that intactivist leaders "must be willing to embrace or at least tolerate language, viewpoints, and tactics" that are offensive. [7] Ungar-Sargon was troubled both by Chapin's lack of concern for antisemitism and by the invitation for Hess to speak "despite the strong objections of some Jewish intactivists." [57]

In 2018 Harvard employee Eric Clopper performed Sex and Circumcision in a university auditorium. The 2 1/2 hour obscene rant was virulently anti-Jewish. For example: Clopper called Jews a "genital mutilation cult" with a "shared delusion of superiority." He labeled the Jewish circumcision ritual as "satanic," mohels as "rapists" and "savages," and Judaism as an "unspeakable evil" that "fool[s] an entire nation." He attributed every circumcision in the United States to "the demonstrably evil influence Judaism has on this country." Clopper expressed his desire to rape and humiliate a certain Jewish member of the AAP task force. During a 4-minute closing scene, a fully nude Clopper simulated sexual intercourse with a blow-up sex doll. Ungar-Sargon published a blog post critical of Clopper [60] and uploaded a video about antisemitism in general. [61] “The response to these efforts was a short-lived harassment campaign that included antisemitic attacks against me in the comments section of the video." [57]

Brendon Marotta’s descent may have been the final straw that forced individual and collective responses. Two intactivists, one Jewish - one Gentile, posted condemnations of Jewish Fragility. David Balashinsky expressed his disappointment "to see an ally and an intactivist go over to the dark side, promote antisemitic stereotypes ... and undermine the credibility and legitimacy of the genital-autonomy movement." [62] Ryan McAllister wrote that Marotta "has gone to quite an extreme. He has called Jewish identity inherently pedophilic repeatedly in his writings. This is deeply antisemitic..." McAllister observed, "Every use of an antisemitic trope erodes the validity of our message, and also plays into a long history of marginalization and violence against Jewish people." [63]

Balashinsky and McAllister joined Ungar-Sargon and three others to develop a statement condemning antisemitism. On April 8, 2022 they published the Statement Opposing Antisemitism Within the Genital Autonomy Movement. Ten organizations and 42 individuals have endorsed the statement. [64]

Then in July Intact America published a blog post by Georganne Chapin that represents a dramatic turnaround from her 2014 speech. Chapin now declares, “it is … our duty to refute expressions of bigotry when expressed by people outside or within the intactivist movement.” A new Intact America position statement incorporates opposition to religious hostility: “Intact America rejects all forms of … religious stereotypes and bigotry. We condemn any form of hate speech based on … religion, or irreligion. The incorporation of anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim expressions into criticism of … circumcision only serves to undermine our movement and potentially derail our work...” [65]

According to an intactivist blog, Eric Clopper was planning to perform his antisemitic presentation during a 2022 conference hosted by Intact America. However Ungar-Sargon successfully pressured organizers to ban the performance. Nevertheless "conference attendees observed Ungar-Sargon and Clopper speaking with each other at the event." [66]


The commitments by Intact America and the Statement Opposing Antisemitism coalition are promising developments. Still, there are issues that remain unsettled and questions that need to be answered.

The malicious quote about Jewish doctors that Georganne Chapin embraced exactly ten years ago remains on her Facebook page today. Will Chapin remove the post? Will she apologize for spreading antisemitism? Does she regret the statements she made during the previous decade - documented in this article - that would violate Intact America’s new position statement?

Kenneth Hopkins (a.k.a. “Brother K”) is one of the signatories to the Statement Opposing Antisemitism. Will he apologize to the Jewish AAP task force members whom he stigmatized for their religion? Does he accept that Jews have as much right as anyone to express a personal view or analyze scientific evidence? Will he stop protesting alongside those who deny the Holocaust and express hatred of Jews and Muslims? If he doesn’t take these steps, will the coalition strike “Brother K” from its list of signatories?

An added twist is that neither faction - neither Brendon Marotta and his ilk nor Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon and his coalition - controls the direction of the intactivist movement. The coalition cannot prevent the bigots from taking actions that may reflect on the entire movement. They can only condemn and disavow such acts.

When the next Eric Clopper or Brendon Marotta speaks or acts in a hateful manner toward individual Jews or the Jewish people, the responses from these 6 authors, 11 organizations, and 42 signatories will be instructive. How many of them will respond, and how many will remain silent? Circumcision Choice will observe and report back to our readers.

Update - June 4, 2023

Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon and Eric Clopper met at an anti-circumcision conference in Atlanta in August 2022 and in Los Angeles in June 2023 to sort out their differences. Clopper conceded, "Not all of my comments in [the play] were politically tactful or helpful... I was angry, and that can manifest itself in comments that are actually detrimental to our shared goal of protecting children from genital mutilation." [67]

Update - June 16, 2023

Reacting to a podcast episode that was critical of him, Brendon Marotta defended his attacks on Jews and Judaism on June 13, 2023. Marotta argued that he was simply applying concepts from Critical Race Theory (CRT) to circumcision. He argued that if one accepts the premise that CRT is not anti-White and if CRT principles ("whiteness", "white fragility") should not be offensive to White people, then applying CRT principles to Jewish identity should not be offensive to Jews and should not be regarded as antisemitic. [68] An editorial assistant for the podcast show responded to Marotta. Trace Woodgrains explained that progressives - who endorse CRT - would regard Marotta's statements as a misuse of CRT concepts. They would be offended that Marotta applied labels intended for an oppressor group onto the Jewish people, a group that is both historically and currently oppressed. On the other side, conservatives - who reject CRT - would regard principles of "whiteness" and "white fragility" as racist and offensive. They would see Marotta's use of those principles as offensive and hateful. Woodgrains concluded that it is correct to call Marotta's statements "examples of antisemitism within the intactivist movement." [69]


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