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Circumcision methods

January 9, 2021

Circumcision practitioners in North America typically use one of three methods to remove the foreskin: Gomco clamp, Mogen clamp, or Plastibell.

We agree with Intact America that parents should view videos to better understand the procedure that their son will receive. However we're confused as to why Intact America would believe that doctors don't want parents to see such videos. Parents understand that even a minor surgical procedure isn't pretty. Popular reality TV shows like Trauma: Life in the E.R. and My 600-lb life depict essential and elective surgery with blood and gore.

At any rate, we're sharing links to the Stanford University website where these videos are posted. The videos are apparently intended as instructional training aids for medical students. Each video shows a newborn circumcision method in graphic detail; surgical tools are used to separate the foreskin from the glans and shaft. The videos - shot in an operating room - may include distracting voices and other background noises in addition to the instructor's narration.




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