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April 3, 2017

Videographer James Loewen is obsessed with circumcision. For example, during the month of November 2016, he published 69 circumcision-related posts on his Facebook page, and easily 90% of the posts on his wall are related to the topic. His audience includes more than 3,300 Facebook friends and 2,800 subscribers to his YouTube channel (Bonobo3D), which contains more than 300 videos of interviews and anti-circumcision events.

Intact America described Loewen’s interview style of “gently probing questions, and a demeanor that conveys safety and trust.” When interacting with subjects who don’t share his anti-circumcision extremism, this polite veneer evaporates to reveal a seething anger.

Loewen hates the fact that his foreskin was removed. This hatred manifests itself in his participation in ambush interviews of doctors and nurses who perform or defend circumcision. Loewen has stated that one of his roles is to expose the doctors, whom he calls “criminals,” in order to dissuade other medical professionals from performing circumcisions. Since he can’t prevent circumcisions legally, he seeks to end the practice through bullying and intimidation.

This video was filmed in June 2016 in Walnut Creek, Calif during a street protest. Watch as Loewen (wearing a black shirt and holding a camera) and two of his friends gang up on a pedestrian. They apparently determined that the man was a doctor who performs circumcisions, and as the video began the cameraman demanded that the doctor explain “the structure and function of the amputated body part.” At 0:19 Loewen angrily asked, “Brother K, did this man say that he was a doctor? What kind of doctor is he? An ethical doctor? Because ethical doctors don’t cut the genitals of children.” His face twisted into a menacing expression, Loewen angrily barked, “Shame on you, sir!”

Loewen on camera in ambush video attack

Loewen promotes several videos like this in which he and his friends berate medical professionals who strive to keep American children healthy from birth to adulthood. This physician was fortunate to be able to end the bullying by crossing the street. In a couple of days we’ll see how Loewen uses a doctor’s ID badge to continue the harassment long after the initial confrontation.

Tomorrow: Young James Loewen

Smile for the Irate Man behind the camera

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