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September 24, 2017

This page achieves results! On September 17 in Chicago we revealed our sign that shows the vicious nature of intactivist photographer James Loewen. On Thursday Mr. Loewen posted a photo of our sign and denied that he was responsible for the malicious quote, accusing us of dishonest tactics. On Saturday we posted photographic proof that the quote was genuine. Less than 24 hours later the subject of our Irate Man series admitted that he was the author.

Yet even in admitting that our sign is true, Mr. Loewen deceived his readers. First he made no mention that Circumcision Choice was the impetus that forced his admission. Second, he gave the old “I was taken out of context” excuse. And third, he implied that the malicious tone was an aberration from his (supposedly) restrained online demeanor.

Mr. Loewen told his followers, “I searched through my files and found my original.” This statement, however, doesn’t make sense. The idea that he meticulously files all of his social media comments strains credulity. And the sign gave him no clues as to when or where the comment was made. For all he knew he could have posted it on his own page. Only by reading our post would one learn that he wrote the comment in June 2014 in one of the hundreds of private intactivist groups. Almost certainly a friend who monitors this page notified him of the post.

In his explanation, Mr. Loewen claimed that the preceding sentence in his comment provides necessary context. The two sentences together read: “AMERICA LOVES ITS KILL-ALL-THE-BAD-GUYS FILMS. Wouldn’t it be fun to see a film where all the circumcisers get blasted to smithereens, sliced and diced and put through a wood chipper to the tune of So long, farewell’ from the Sound of Music.”

He tried to explain, “I think a film in which the villain, [who performs circumcisions] comes to a very bad end, could be very entertaining and educational.” And yet that’s precisely the meaning of the quote on our sign. Just one of Mr. Loewen's followers understood this point. The astute man wrote, “I don’t think the missing line affected the context much. Now if you had said you’d like to see a DOCUMENTARY film with such content…” The “So long, farewell” quote has the same vicious meaning with or without a “kill all the bad guys film” preface. Context doesn’t provide an excuse.

Another attempted excuse was that he made the comment in 2014 – more than three years ago. This assumes that the malicious thought is an aberration. Ironically this excuse refutes itself. The problem is that Mr. Loewen – and intactivists in general – express these malicious thoughts Every. Single. Day. The reason that he couldn’t recall the comment wasn’t that it was from three years ago. He’s expressed thousands of similar thoughts through the years because this is how he thinks. See our preceding post for a small sample of the malicious comments that intactivists post incessantly.

James Loewen lied about our 2016 counter-protest in San Francisco, and he wrote several misleading statements about our team in Chicago. In this regard he is not alone. While there are some intactivists who value honesty and integrity, we’ve found that the vast majority do not. Circumcision Choice will continue to document their malicious and mendacious behavior.


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