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The 2021 Philadelphia Counter-protests

October 14, 2021

Last weekend your Circumcision Choice team had planned to hold counter-protests outside the American Academy of Pediatrics annual conference in Philadelphia. However in light of the Covid-19 situation, the AAP converted its conference to a virtual event. Without doctors to harass at the Pennsylvania State Convention Center, the intactivists moved the locations of their protests to busy intersections in the Philadelphia area. Consequently we met them in Springfield, PA on Saturday and Northeast Philadelphia on Sunday.

On Saturday, October 9 we arrived in Springfield shortly after 10 AM at a busy intersection adjacent to a Target shopping center. We stayed until 1 PM. On Sunday, October 10 we arrived at the intersection of Grant and Roosevelt before 11 AM. When heavy rain picked up at 12:30 PM, we decided we had better things to do.


On both days we were on one corner of the intersection, and the Blood Stained Men were on some of the other corners. Several motorists lauged at the them. Motorists and passersby also laughed at our jokes - espcially that the Blood Stained Men were simply clowns in costume who needed menstrual protection.

On Saturday a motorist stopped at the red light asked if they were for real. We explained to her about the cult and how we counter their nonsense. We rushed out into the street and handed her a Circumcision Choice postcard. When protester Dani Alexander ran out to give her a B.S. Men's postcard, the motorist had already rolled up her window; as the light turned green, Alexander was stuck on the double yellow line with traffic rushing past her.

A protester held up a sign that read: "CIRCUMCISERS BELONG IN PRISON." We responded: "Intactivists belong in an asylum." We also asked the protester: - if he truly believed his sign - why he didn't call the police to report a crime?

On Sunday several police officers arrived; probably one or more motorists had called into the department to report the presence of the protesters. We explained to the police that we were counter-protesters. They were satisfied and just wanted to make sure that we had no plans to block traffic or cause a disruption. Protester Stephen Barendregt is a young man who had a temper tantrum upon seeing us in Chicago in 2017. We called out his online anti-Semitic and misogynistic behavior. We teased Barendregt for having fallen off his unicycle the day before, and he complained to an officer that we were trolling him. We called him out for his misogynistic and anti-Jewish online behavior. We also called out Luke Artanis, a protester who has denied that Nazis murdered six million Jews and has expressed other Antisemitic views.

Our cameraman observed, "Today was like a Facebook comment section in real life." We enjoyed ourselves while it appeared that the intactivists for the most part were unhappy. Ironically the intactivists say they welcome anyone to their protests - even people who disagree - but they are never happy to see Circumcision Choice. Perhaps it's that we can refute their lies and distortions. Perhaps it's that we're prepared to expose the dark side of the anti-circumcision movement. At any rate, now that the United States and Canada are reopening, we're planning additional counter-protests. Stay tuned.


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