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What is making these guys so angry

June 17, 2022

This week Intact America published a blog post in which Georganne Chapin suggested that infant circumcision may be responsible for some of the violence being perpetrated in America by men and teenage boys.

The Intact America executive director asked, "What is making these guys so angry?" and then answered her own question. "We must ask ourselves whether the nearly ubiquitous violation of baby boys as a class of people and the assembly-line acts of violence carried out upon individual newborns might be responsible for at least some of the rage, pain and feelings of impotence that underlie the epidemic of mass killings we are witnessing today." [1]

Perhaps a similar theory could explain the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin is uncircumcised, as are most Russian men. [2] Putin's decision to invade Ukraine and Russia's devastation of its neighbor for the past four months was utterly unprovoked. The Russian military has committed indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas and has targeted civilians attempting to flee the war zone. Russian soldiers have looted civilian property, including food, clothing, and firewood. Soldiers have committed summary executions of unarmed Ukrainians, mass rapes, and "other acts of unspeakable, deliberate cruelty and violence against Ukrainian civilians." [3]

Perhaps foreskin is the root cause of these crimes against humanity. Perhaps during the past winter Vladimir Putin suffered a case of phimosis that became so excruciatingly painful that he decided to vent his rage so that Russia's neighbor would feel his pain. Perhaps the discomfort that Russian men suffer from foreskin complications may be responsible for at least some of the mass murders, rapes, and other atrocities the world is witnessing them commit today in Ukraine.

Even if you disagree, you have to admit that this theory is no less plausible than Chapin's nonsensical suggestion that newborn circumcision is the cause of male violence in America.

[1] Georganne Chapin; "What Is Making These Guys So Angry"; Intact America; June 15, 2022

[2] Brian J. Morris et al; "Estimation of country-specific and global prevalence of male circumcision"; Population Health Metrics; March 1, 2016. "Russia - 11.8%"

[3] "Ukraine: Apparent War Crimes in Russia-Controlled Areas"; Human Rights Watch; April 3, 2022


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