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Top Ten most viewed Circumcision Choice articles

October 21, 2021

Dating back to our first counter-protest outside the 2016 AAP Conference in San Francisco, Circumcision Choice has been active now for five years. These are the most viewed articles on our website blog.

Honorable Mention

DOC portrays itself as a group of concerned physicians. In this blistering critique, we exposed this organization as a sham that is no different from any other deceitful intactivist group.

This article analyzes a survey that formed the basis for a 1999 article published in BJU International, a book published in 2000, and a popular anti-circumcision website - all of which claim that most women prefer an uncircumcised partner. The book and website are titled, "Sex as nature intended it."

A 2002 study "The intromission function of the foreskin" published in a medical journal described an experiment that seemed to show that circumcision increases the force necessary for vaginal penetration by a factor of ten. This article explains why the experiment is absurd and why several dozen academics who have cited it should be ashamed of themselves.

In early 2019 anti-circumcision activists started promoting a meme that was created by an unhappy circumcised man. Titled "What are we missing?", the graphic compares a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis. This article by a certified family nurse practitioner provides an analysis.

It's a sensational story - the boy who lost his penis to circumcision and was raised as a girl! But there's a lot more to the story. We went back in time over fifty years to get a more complete picture into the troubled life and tragic death of David Reimer.

An experiment supposedly performed in 1998 by anti-circumcision medical professionals in Canada is supposed to prove that infant circumcision causes irreparable brain damage. This article, written by a certified family nurse practitioner, shows that the experiment probably never happened as described.

What is the current circumcision rate in the United States and around the world? We looked at the earlier studies and the factors that could help estimate whether the current rate is rising or falling.

An article in Psychology Today made the case that circumcision during infancy or childhood inflicts lifelong psychological trauma. In this analysis we scrutinized every claim and determined that the evidence is lacking.

In our most controversial post, we discussed the 2016 suicide of a young intactivist leader, and we document how intactivism destroys the lives of its own followers. Almost all of the evidence in this article comes directly from intactivists themselves.

In one of our first articles, we explained and analyzed each of the supposed 16 functions of the foreskin.

3. The 16 fabulous foreskin functions

An earlier version of the 16 functions article. (The two articles are essentially the same.)

Many people believe that the inventor of Corn Flakes was responsible for the popularity of circumcision in America today. We explained that John Kellogg never promoted routine circumcision and he would have opposed infant circumcision.

We revealed who invented the intactomyth that foreskin contains more than 20,000 nerve endings, and we explain how he arrived at that figure. We also addressed the claim that circumcision removes the most sensitive and sexually pleasurable part of the penis.


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