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FAKE Reddit Community

January 7, 2022

Circumcision Choice does not have a presence on the social media platform Reddit.

An intactivist has created a fake Subreddit community in a malicious attempt to discredit Circumcision Choice. The fake community has copied and posted information from the Circumcision Choice Facebook page, including our name, profile photo, and screen shots of several actual Circumcision Choice Facebook posts.

At first this imposter was merely annoying: misspelling words and making it appear as if Circumcision Choice was actively encouraging parents to circumcise their sons. Now, however, he is posting statements that are false, malicious, and dangerous. A post that was up for several hours on Friday, January 7 stated that circumcised males cannot get STDs.

THAT IS FALSE. While several studies show that circumcision reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, circumcision does not provide 100% protection. Circumcised males can acquire and transmit STDs. Regardless of a man's circumcision status, sexually active males and their partners should take precautions to protect against the transmission of STDs.

Unable to refute the information on this website, intactivists are now employing desperate and frantic attempts to discredit us. Intactivists have created at least seven copycat Facebook groups and pages that mimic the Circumcision Choice page. This Reddit community represents a dangerous escalation. The creator of the fake Circumcision Choice subreddit community is willing to leverage the trust that Circumcision Choice has earned over the past five years in order to put public health at risk.


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