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Milos gives bad dating advice

June 21, 2022

Yesterday Marilyn Milos posted an inquiry from a college student whose two dates were turned off by his uncircumcised penis. He asked how he could stop surprising women and being rejected.

Milos began her response by advising him to tell his dates, "I have a normal penis, the one I was born with." This is a bad start, even for an Intact America board member. All men - circumcised and uncircumcised - have normal penises. Intactivist leaders often complain that uncircumcised men are routinely insulted; yet here Milos is deliberately disparaging the circumcised penis as "abnormal." Intactivists need to decide once and for all whether shaming a man for his genital status is wrong. They cannot have it both ways.

The founding nurse of the intactivist movement advised the student to compare himself to cinematic actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Paul Rudd, and the iconic Elvis Presley. (The King of Rock and Roll reportedly was unhappy that he wasn't circumcised.) Her point is unclear, since the genital status of each of these stars has no bearing on his sex appeal. A woman who considers foreskin repulsive presumably wouldn't change her mind if the foreskin were attached to a man with a handsome face.

Milos then explained that many lies have been told about foreskins. With no awareness of the irony, in the very next sentence she told a whopper. She wrote that "circumcision grew popular in [the United States] as a way to stop little boys from masturbating. Circumcision Choice debunked this false claim over four years ago in our article, Kellogg's Crusade. Then she falsely claimed that foreskin makes sex more pleasurable for men and she promoted the gliding function myth that we debunked last year. Her final paragraph actually contains good advice. With respect to foreplay and oral sex, she advised him to "tell them or show them what you like. In the end, good sex is rooted in good communication, whether you are [uncircumcised] or cut."

Milos fibs series

Milos gives bad dating advice


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