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Painful erections: Milos offers flaccid advice

September 27, 2022

Emily, a concerned Indiana mother, wrote to Marilyn Milos because her young son is having frequent erections that are painful. She asked if this condition is normal for an uncircumcised toddler.

Milos told Emily to explain penile development and foreskin retraction to her 4 year-old son in order to determine what is causing the pain.

The correct answer to this question is obvious. For painful erections, the mother should immediately contact the child's pediatrician for advice and to schedule an appointment. To advise anything other than getting immediate medical attention is naive and potentially dangerous.

A retired nurse who fears the possibility of circumcision more than a child getting inadequate medical care, Milos has disqualified herself from being a trustworthy source for medical advice.

Milos Fibs series

Painful erections: Milos offers flaccid advice


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