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Milos falsely claims that circumcision causes painful sex

May 10, 2022

Yesterday Marilyn Milos wrote a column in which she made several false claims about circumcision and sexual intercourse. She provided no evidence to support her incorrect assertions.

A woman in Denmark wrote that sexual intercourse with her husband was uncomfortable. Her husband takes a long time to reach orgasm, and by the end she is in a great deal of pain.

Milos began by claiming that circumcision removes "tens of thousands of specialized erogenous nerve endings." Our article Of all the nerves refutes the claim that the foreskin contains more than 20,000 erotic nerve endings.

The Intact America nurse then claimed that circumcision increases the time needed for a man to achieve orgasm, which she blamed for the woman's painful sex. We are unaware of any studies that show that circumcised men take longer than uncircumcised men to reach orgasm. Milos also claimed that circumcision eliminates "the gliding mechanism of the foreskin that provides for gentle intromission (penetration) and sexual intercourse without abrasion." Our article The gliding function examines four different intactivist sources for this claim. None of the sources stand up to even the most basic scrutiny. A 2015 study in Canada found that circumcision did not affect vaginal lubrication, nor a female partner's "pain during penetrative intercourse."

Milos advised the woman to try a different artificial lubricant and then try other sexual positions. A responsible nurse would recommend that the woman consult her personal physician an ob-gyn. or a urologist. Any of those medical professionals would be in the best position to consult the patient and determine the cause of her condition and the appropriate reatment.

Urologist Dr. Rena Malik of Baltimore, Maryland discussed several causes of - and treatments for - pain during vaginal sex. None of the reasons involved a partner's circumcision status. A woman suffering from painful sex should consult an expert, not rely on a retired nurse who is singularly obsessed with her anti-circumcision agenda.

Milos Fibs series

Milos falsely claims that circumcision causes painful sex


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