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Milos womansplains the penis to a man

June 28, 2022

On Monday Marilyn Milos responded to Samuel, a circumcised man who told her that he enjoys sex very much and "honestly, I can't imagine it being any better. Am I missing something?"

Milos began by telling Samuel that the foreskin is the most erogenous part of the male genitalia, with "tens of thousands of nerve endings that respond to the lightest touch." In fact the number of nerve endings has never been determined. The fine touch nerve endings she described do not factor into the types of activities involved in sexual pleasure. She referred to the ridged band, the tip of the foreskin that supposedly is rich in erotic nerves. The notion of a ridged band is based on a study of 22 cadavers, not living subjects. The researcher, John Taylor, was a longtime anti-circumcision activist, and other researchers have not verified his observations.

Milos wrote that the "foreskin works to stimulate both partners as the glans glides smoothly in and out." In an article published last year, we debunked the so-called gliding function. We documented that there are absolutely no published scientific studies that validate the claim that an uncircumcised penis glides more smoothly inside a partner's vagina than a circumcised penis.

Milos warned Samuel that his circumcised penis will lose sensitivity as he ages, a condition that applies equally to uncircumcised men. She concluded with the intactofact that "circumcised men are three to four times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than" uncircumcised men. The study she cited was conducted by two anti-circumcision activists, one a member of the Intact America board of directors. Milos ignored their caveat that readers should not apply the study results to the general population. Other studies have shown no correlation between circumcision and erectile dysfunction.

Marilyn Milos doesn't have a penis, and she has never experienced having a penis for one minute of her life. She is not in a position to womansplain the penis to a happily circumcised man. If Milos had been honest, she would have told Samuel the truth - that he isn't missing anything beneficial. The only things he is missing are things he would not want to have.

Milos fibs series

Milos womansplains the penis to a man


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